On February 6, 2023 two devastating earthquake hit Southeastern Turkey and Northeastern Syria, causing over 50.000 deaths and millions displaced from their homes. Over the ten Turkish provinces affected, the Turkish government plans the construction within a year of over 200,000 units across the region. In the meantime, 1 million people fled to the west of the country and approximately 2 million currently live in temporary accomodations.

This is a selection of personal and assigned work, covering the earthquake’s aftermath around the provinces of Kahramanmaraş, Gaziantep, and Hatay, in Southeastern Turkey.

Newroz 2022

Newroz is the Kurdish celebration of the Persian new year, which has been celebrated froom more than 3000 years across the Middle East and Asia.
It coincides with the spring equinox and is a celebration of new beginnings, freedom and peace. Considered the most important festival in Kurdish culture, over the years Newroz has also come to represent an opportunity to support the Kurdish cause.

Diyarbakır, Turkey
March 2022

Syriana Solidarietà

Syriana funds the education of refugee children
in Gaziantep, southern Turkey.


Radici (roots)

Talent: Maddalena Pesaresi
Photography: Carola Cappellari
Styling: Maddalena Zanin (idotea.vision)
MUA: Michelle Marchiori


Ibrahim Muslimani
for Qisetna

Nefes Music School

Gaziantep, Turkey

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