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A blessing from God (ongoing)

archival images, text, photographs

A blessing from God is the result of a life time conversation between my mother and I, an attempt to put order to years of disconnected dialogue, scattered words and overlooked silences. It is an opportunity to explore the complexity of the mother-daughter relationship, to find the truth behind those words always heard and very little understood. An attempt to see the subject of my mother isolated from the context of motherhood, to know the girl who became a mother at the age in which I am now, an age in which I inevitably begin to wonder if I want or not in turn become a mother. 

Today there is a lot of talk about the need to humanize motherhood, to show even its less pleasant sides. But are we really comfortable with the image of a mother who does not correspond to the ideal we are used to and from which we all struggle to break away? To what extent is a mother allowed to make choices and to repent of her motherhood?

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