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This land of
yours and mine

2022 - ongoing

I have never walked the streets of Aleppo.
Those who grew up there remind me that Gaziantep somehow recalls home. Situated at only 60 miles of distance from each other, the cities share many cultural and historical ties, with Gaziantep now hosting about half a million Syrians, the majority of which from Aleppo.

Since moving to Gaziantep in 2021, the Syrian youth has been my community. It is here that I met Mustafa, Nour and Yamama and learned about their similar destinies, who forced them to leave their homes in Aleppo when they were just about teenagers and to slowly build a new life in Gaziantep.  

Like them, thousands of young Syrian refugees in Turkey have been facing the experience of displacement and the challenges that come with growing up in a foreign country that, despite not being too far from their motherland, still requires adapting to a whole different cultural and social environment. Not least, the temporary protection provided to Syrian nationals by the Government of Turkey is not without its limitations, often reducing their possibilities of studying, working and moving across cities and thus hindering their future.

Inspired by the memories, experiences and inner worlds of Mustafa, Nour and Yamama, I aim to shed light on the resilience of the Syrian community in Gaziantep and in particular of the young people who, like them, share a similar past and are trying to build, despite all hardships, a better future. I follow the journey of Nour while she studies for her journalism degree and gets her first job, of Yamama while she pursues her dream of becoming a game designer and progresses her career, and of Mustafa, while he learns Italian and slowly prepares for a new life in Europe.

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