2015 - ongoing 
I approached photography at a time when I was becoming more and more aware of my body and how it was perceived by me and by the people around me. As the author of my image, I am sure that the self-portrait has played an important role in the development of awareness and perception of my body. It helped me make sense of all the big and small changes I was going through, providing me with a tool to deal with and ultimately release all the emotions attached to them.

Although the nude appears only rarely among my portraits, it still remains a significant element in my photography which I would describe, however, as a secondary effect of the cognitive and communicative process that occurs through the self-portrait. I believe that the vision of myself derives in part from the vision of my body, or rather I perceive myself, my feelings, love, hate, jealousy, through it.

My body thus becomes an effective means of expression, capable of re-presenting my identity through physical details. The way I present what I perceive about myself and my surroundings is intentional and devoid of extreme dramatic expression, and the representation I provide unconsciously collects my pride and ego, my desire and my presence, in a process characterized by the delicate tendency towards liberation and emancipation.